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Kai Tracid (7)

4 Just 1 Day

For just one day
I wanna break all regoulations,
Because we all go the same way,
And we all pass the same stations.

For just one day
I wanna feel totally free.
No responsabilities, just everything is O.K.
No desires, just surviving is the key.

For just one day
I wanna ignore our senseless fate,
Colours are victorious over the grey,
Stop to get controlled by the state.

For just one day
I wanna forget the value of money and gold,
I wanna live life my way
And loose my inhibition threshold..

Express Your Hidden Passion

Tell me..

Can you express your hidden passion?
Or do you live by social direction?
Moving with the madding crowd
Void of sense and self expression

Awaken from your paralyzing nightmare
And transcend the boundaries to reality
For caution to the wind be free
Unleash the strength within to dare

Express your hidden passion..
Express your hidden passion.

Express your hidden passion here and now
Dancing free, a soul without fear
No need to hide or be ashamed
Craps your chance release your passion now

The walls of inhibition crumble
Past shadows fade and light prevails
Like the phoenix from the ashes you have risen
Live life to the fullest while others stumble

While others stumble..
Express your hidden passion!

Life Is Too Short

Life is too short, don't stress everyday
Leave your worries behind go out and play
Life is too short, grasp it in your hand
A natural miracle, have fun while you can

Life is too short, as precious as gold
It's full of surprises, so I am told
Life is too short take it from me
Have as much fun as you wish, just wait and see

Life is too short, people seem to forget
That life is a gift and its free yes that's it
Life is too short, use your own eyes
Open yourself and enjoy your own life..

Liquid Skies

Follow me to the planet of liquid skies..
The planet of liquid skies..

I'm the voice from the planet of liquid skies to bring you the message
Come closer to the speakers so I can see the light in your eyes..
I'm here to invite you on the journey to a planet of love and freedom
So relax your body and open your mind for the melody transmisson
The melody is the only way to our shining planet of liquid skies
Come closer to the speakers so I can see the light in your eyes..
Come on dance with me and feel the rhythm take over your body
Follow me to the planet of liquid skies..


Have you ever thought about committing suicide?
Leaving the world behind?

The sorrow, the pain and the fear
Of the unknown future..

Delivering from any human needs and pressure
In just one second

Your cry for help is lost in this lonely world
In which you are completely alone..

Nobody helps you when you're feeling down
And the loneliness is breaking your heart

It would be so simple to go down
The stairs of the final way

But the fear of the unknown world beyond,
Of having nothing, of being nothing

Keeps you on your designated way
And takes away your longing for self-destruction..

That is why
You will never commit suicide..

Too Many Times

Too many times, you have been high
Too many times, you ran away, in need to cry
Too many times, your body lies awake
Too many times, these pills you take...

Too many times, you woken up depressed
Too many times, you put your life to the test
Too many times, you've taken this trip
Too many times, you have slipped

Too many times, your body can't take
Too many times, you made a mistake
Too many times, you haven't realized
Too many times, you mind became paralyzed

Your Own Reality

Your own reality..

We all came tonight -- to this celebration
Because we are a part of the new generation
Close your eyes -- and you can see it
This world of music -- that makes you high..

Open your mind -- to the pathway of truth
Let the colors of life -- help you fly
You can walk through this world -- of dreams and fantasy
And you will find -- your own reality..
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