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Cocooma (1)

The Yellow Base (Flying Saucer II)

Blue Bird airforce base, south-west Idaho, USA, July 19, 1967:

Colonel Robert Stern was found in a ventilation-pipe,
He could not remember a thing...
Moments later he fell into a coma
He is the sixth person from the airforce base
Since 1963 to have lost his mind

Flying saucer restaurant, desert of south-west Idaho, on the evening of 20 July, 1967:

The restaurant is lid up by two lightbowls flying at about 300 meters
They separate into four lightbowls in the shape of a Y
Everyone in the restaurant knows what this means:

The yellow base [x4]

The yellow base is thought to be the place
Where the wreckage items of all UFO crashes are stored

But all south-west Idaho, July 21, 1967:

Colonel Robert Stern awakes from his coma
His first words are:
"They're already here...
And they've been here for a long time...
And I have seen them..."

The yellow base [x2]

The Blue Bird airforce base reports that colonel Robert Stern
Has been taken to a high-security mental institution,
Where he is to remain for the rest of his life,

The yellow base.
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