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Man With No Name (1)

Seratonin Sunrise (MVO Mix)

Moonlight boy knows how to drive
Flying feet kicking back in his plastic eyes
Sounds on the system slipping it down
Squirrels on sticks while he throws it around
Stretching up the lights on five-eight-o
Waiting for the medication to say hello
Touch down from a different place
Just another soul-sucker with a brand new face

Staring at the cave wall
Listening to the ants scream
Here's an attraction and
A lizard in a freezer
Been to the temple
Listened to the darkside
Put our film in a camera
Cause there's meat in our trees

Checking out the meat shell
Pushing in my finger
Shades in a strip light
Surgery of music
Telephone a track seat
Load it up with plastic
Sounds like the kid's got
A face like an insect

Seven a.m. and The Skitzos are shivering
Elvis for the weekend died with his boots on
Alien sunshine crawling on the windshield
Black chrome latino with a mouth full of cactus
Seratonin sunrise eats sin with his fingers
Seven-twenty no hiding he's a barcode criminal
Sucking on a king kong, laughing at the DJ
Paying the price for last night's experiments

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