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Sleepthief (1)

Just Say It

Just say that you love me
Alone and silent face to face
Just say that you need me
Those words that swallow this empty space

Silence finds distance
And the distance will see us falter
Violent condition
Of a heart that always shames love

Just say it's over, all we've become
Just say that it's time to lessen the sum
To tear down the bridge and build a divide
Erase all the memories drawn inside

Just say now you've touched me
Say all that I'm feeling won't come undone
Just say in this darkness
That you'll be here when the morning comes

(Repeat Prechorus)

You say that you love me
But those words are empty just like my heart
You say that you need me
But your words just lead us to fall apart

(Repeat Prechorus)
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